Tell Governor Murphy and Legislators to Fully Restore Funding for Public Charter School Emergent Facilities Needs!

Governor Murphy’s proposed budget would slash aid for repairs and maintenance in public charter school buildings. We need you to join us in calling on Governor Murphy and the Legislature to fully restore this funding because every student in New Jersey deserves to learn in a SAFE, HEALTHY, MODERN and WELCOMING environment.

Public charter schools have been historically excluded from school construction funding and spend, on average, $2,000 per student in operating dollars on their buildings. These are resources that should be going to increase teacher salaries, classroom supplies and technology. 

Just like all other public schools, public charter schools need to upgrade boilers, replace windows and roofs, and increase space in century-old buildings and over $1 billion in public charter school facilities needs have been identified over the next decade.

Here’s the truth:

The students who attend public charter and renaissance schools in New Jersey are the same students who attend district schools.

"The students who attend public charter schools are the same students who attend district schools. They are friends, neighbors and in many cases, siblings."
Harry Lee
NJPCSA President and CEO

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